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What Is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Can be described exactly as the name states, the mortgage rate is fixed for the longevity of the loan. Thirty-year notes are most popular, but terms are available from 8 to 30 years with the flexibly to choose any term in-between to suit your financial situation.

Advantages: Protection from an ever-changing market, consistent principle and interest payment, ideal for families remaining in their home 5+ years.

Benefits of Fixed Rate Mortgage:
  • Fixed Rate over the life of the loan
  • Great for all buyers
  • Allows for a shorter term to pay off your home faster
Why a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

The primary advantage to a fixed rate mortgage is that you don’t have to worry about your mortgage payments going up and down. Even if market rates rise, your payments stay the same, so budgeting is made easier.

Fixed rate mortgages are ideal for borrowers who plan to live in their home for a long time or use it as a long-term investment.

We offer the assistance you need to help find the best option for your mortgage needs. Whether you are consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, or buying your first house, we have the expertise to make it a fast, easy, and enjoyable process.

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