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Home Loans in Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA

Buying a home is not an easy process. Not only do you need to find the perfect home for you and your family, but you also have to navigate home loans and closing details. At Dominion Capital Mortgage Inc., we can help you through the financial aspects of this process. We are a mortgage company in Richmond, VA, and we’ll match you up with the best investor for your situation.

What Are Your Loan Options?

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for some loans and not others. To find the right option for your situation, consider these mortgage loans:

  • Fixed-rate: Fixed-rate loans have an interest rate that is fixed in place for the duration of the loan. These loans allow for consistent payments from month to month.
  • Adjustable-rate: With adjustable-rate mortgages, the interest rate may change as the market changes. These loans generally start with a lower initial payment.
  • Conventional: A conventional loan is an option for many people, and they can have an adjustable or fixed rate. These loans may have a low down payment requirement.
  • FHA: The Federal Housing Administration backs FHA loans, which adds some financial security for lenders. This loan option is an ideal option for homebuyers who have a lower credit score.
  • VA: VA loans are loans offered to veterans, and they’re backed up by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These loans offer a lot of financial benefits to those who qualify.
  • Jumbo: Jumbo loans are for buyers who need a loan that exceeds most loan limits. These loans can have a fixed or adjustable rate, and they often have more restrictions when compared to other loan options.

If you’d like to learn more about mortgage loans, click the applicable button below, or call our office at 804-441-6940. We work with all clients in need of a loan in the Fredericksburg, VA, area.

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