Documents and Information


Documents Needed for Loan Processing


· Pay statements covering a 30-day period.

· Most recent two years of federal tax returns and any K1’s, if applicable.

· 1099’s or W-2’s for the past two years.

· Last two months statements for all your major asset accounts (i.e. checking, savings, money market, 401k, IRA, TSP, etc.) Please include all pages. Any large deposits other than payroll will need to be explained and the source of these deposits will need to be documented. Your name, the bank’s name and account number must appear on the statements you provide.

· If using 401k funds for a purchase or for reserves for a loan, documentation for conditions under which the funds may be withdrawn, to include any and all penalties that may be incurred, is a requirement.

· Contact name and telephone number or email address for your Insurance Agent so that we can obtain a copy of your Hazard Insurance policy.

· Copy of your current mortgage statement(s). If you have a second lien that will be left in place, please provide a copy of the Note for the second lien. (Refinance Only)

· A legible copy of your driver’s license or passport.

· If you currently rent rather than own a home, we need the contact information for your landlord or management company.

· If you currently own rental properties, please also provide a copy of your tax payment and hazard insurance policy for each rental.

· If you have been divorced and receive or pay alimony or child support, we will need a copy of your divorce decree and your property settlement agreement. If you receive payments, we will need 12 months cancelled checks or 12 months bank statements as proof that you have received these payments.

· If you’ve recently sold your home, please provide a copy of your Closing Disclosure.

· Copy of the cancelled earnest money deposit check, for a purchase only, when available.


Needed Additional items required if you are self employed (defined as owning 25% or more of a company)


· Last two years of personal and business federal tax returns (please include all pages) including

· W-2’s and K-1’s if applicable. If you have not filed your tax return, then we need a copy of your tax return extension.

· Year to date P&L Statement and a Balance Sheet.

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